Sarome Piezo Electronic Cigarette Lighter SK59-03 Silver/engine turn/red & black quasi-cloisonne


Slim electronic lighter with 8mm thickness with simple concept; “we need good electronic lighters”. The simple shape with beautiful red or blue epoxy resin on the entire case, along with engine turn make this lighter absolutely gorgeous.
The round and large ignition lever require soft and comfortable operation feeling. SK59 is recommended for users who prefer reliable and easy-to-use gas lighters.

SK59 series

Dimensions                    53.4 x 42 x 8 mm mm
Weight                           53 grams
Gas capacity                  0.70 grams
Number of ignition        Approx. 230 times
Type/fuel                       Piezo electronic cigarette lighter/ Butane gas

Brand: Sarome
Product Name: SK59 series piezo electronic lighter
Product No.: SK59-03
Manufacturer: Sarome Tokyo in Japan
Importer & distributor: Samuelex International Inc.
Warranty: 2-year limited warranty provided by the importer
Original manual book provided by Sarome
Service manual & warranty book: English and French languages provided by Samuelex

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