Sarome Metal Cigar Cutter EXCT2-07 Silver satin


Premium cigar cutter with top class finish,made by the making method of top grade lighter and made by special alloy steel under Japanese technology. Patented products! 360 ° evenly cut! Cigar section will be uniform and tidy after cutting.

Brand: Sarome
Product Name: Metal cigar cutter
Product No.: EXCT2 series
UPC Code:
627753068981/EXCT2-07/Silver satin
627753068974/EXCT2-08/Light gun metal satin

Weight (g): 153
Dimension (mm): 79.8 x 65.4 x 16.4
Hole diameter (mm): 31
Ring gouge: 78

This model cigar cutter can cut all sizes of cigars.

Manufacturer: Sarome Tokyo in Japan since 1940

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