Sarome Flint Cigarette Lighter SD43-01 Silver hairline

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Simple, clean and clear looking, extra mince, great flint lighters!

SD43 series is characterized by flint. Placement of the roller, exterior design with a flat-screen shape is a clear distinction and other writers.

And unique design, I am finished feeling of weight, as the orthodox school writer in no way inferior both operation feeling adopted brass gas tank in class thinnest and 8.5 mm. It is the writer that it is easy to use adjusting to a hand that has a shape with rounded sides.

Product Name: SD43 series flint lighter


64.3 x 29.3 x 8.5 mm


64 grams

Gas capacity

1.1 grams

Number of ignition

Approx. 180 times
Flint cigarette lighter/Butane gas

 SD43-01 Silver hairline




Brand: Sarome
Manufacturer: Sarome Tokyo in Japan since 1940

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